August 2021 Single "The Real Thing"

"The Real Thing" is one of three singles we recorded during the pandemic. Our album is on hold for now, but these songs are going to be really nice for you! We decided to release this song first because it has "the MD sound". Upbeat. Positive. Kind of weird. "The Real Thing" features our good friend Arthur Wolff on the violin. "Sorry guys, I'm a little rusty," he says as he's laying down a one-man orchestra track on a violin he hasn't touched in possibly years. Not to mention a violin solo that transports the listener 7,000 miles up out of Earth's atmosphere. Check out more of his work with his band Jacks and Atoms.

We have to thank our buddy RJ Infusino for doing the mixing and mastering. The dude is going places and we love to collaborate with him through the whole process! He knows just what to do to get the track where we want. The three members of our band were never in the recording room at the same time, so we had to have a lot of trust in each other. It paid off. 

Please check out our newest release and let us know what you think! Sharing the track with your friends and family would be super rad and appreciated!