"Stuck and Stoned" April 2020 Single

We released a new single this month. "Stuck and Stoned" is the story of how our singer and guitarist Justin experienced pot brownies for the first time. Let's just say it got a little existential... The recording process was a lot of fun. We worked with our friend Rj Infusino who recorded, mixed, and mastered the song, all for one of his school projects. We loved how it turned out so we decided to release it.

A unique part of this track is the use of some new instruments for us: accordion and harmonica. Matt, who specializes on the bass, learned how to work this beautiful 50 year old accordion and it gave a nice little pad throughout the track. We doubled up on the acoustic guitar tracks, as we recorded the same chords played on two different acoustics. The drums turned out nicely. We actually used Omar's electronic kit and the final drum sound is a combination of two separate kits that were recorded via MIDI and direct instrument cable output.

We hope you enjoy it! Please share it to support us artists. We really miss performing live, so we can't wait to be able to play "Stuck and Stoned" for you live.